Naomi Peak


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Naomi Peak is the highest point in Cache county Utah. It's a pleasant hike of about 6 miles round trip with a modest elevation gain. Tree cover and terrain are moderate, thus they don't cause many problems reception wise. As you can see by looking at the track/map data, the actual trail doesn't follow that shown on the map for the entire distance. On this trip, I used the Legend carried on top of the pack strap on my left shoulder. I saved, then cleared the tracklog once I got to the top of the mountain. The difference on the way up vs. the way down is because of the need to route find on the way up due to a steep snowy area we had to divert around. While climbing it wasn't practical, we had a blast sliding down. As a result, we were able to pretty much follow the trail on the way back down. The side trip at the top of the mountain was to find the Geocache on top of the mountain. For this short side trip, my daughter left her pack sitting on the peak and didn't use her GPS. Once again, my legend seemed to pretty much record the route I actually took. My daughter however got very different results with her basic eTrex. She carries it hooked to her belt, which generally results in terrible results such as the ones you can view here. You'll see on her tracklog that vertically carrying the eTrex results in lost reception, and significant positional errors fairly often.

Legend track overlaid on TOPO Map    file size 454kb

Basic eTrex track overlaid on TOPO Map   file size 666kb

Legend track data  

basic eTrex track data